MSI P35 Platinum Combo

MSI P35 Platinum Combo @ X-Bit Labs

“Today we are going to introduce to you a very interesting combo solution from MSI that is based on Intel P35 Express chipset and can work with DDR3 or DDR2 SDRAM. Find out what the pros and cons of this approach are from our detailed review.”

ASUS P5E3 WS Professional

ASUS P5E3 WS Professional @ Mikhailtech

“ASUS has been around for several years now, creating hundreds of award winning motherboards that leave other competing companies in the dust. ASUS is known for their excellent quality build and performance in their motherboards from the past years, but is this still the case?”

ASUS Striker II Formula

ASUS Striker II Formula @ Hot Hardware

“The Striker II Formula is a member of ASUS’ high-end Republic of Gamers, or ROG, series of motherboards. As such, the board is loaded with features and integrated peripherals that set it apart from run of the mill products. Head on over to the site and check it out…”

MSI X48 Platinum

MSI X48 Platinum @ X-Bit Labs

“It is quite hard to find differences in the technical specifications between the new Intel X48 Express and its predecessor. It also supports all new LGA 775 Intel processors including quad-core ones, works with second generation PCI Express interface, supports DDR2 and DDR3 SDRAM, comes equipped with Intel ICH9 South Bridge.”

Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6

Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6 @ OC Club

“Oh my god, I’ve gone “Green.” What can I say about the GA-X48-DQ6? Well, performance-wise, it stacks up quite well against many of the motherboards out on the market now. In the gaming benchmarks the X48-DQ6 was just dominating. In the scientific benchmarking phase of the testing, it came out on top in well over half the tests and was a close second in most of the others.”

ASUS P5K Premium

ASUS P5K Premium @ Au-Ja!

“There are better ways to spend your money than buying DDR3 memory. If you stick to DDR2 you can get a faster CPU and a more powerful video card for the same price. We had a look at the ASUS P5K Premium, a high quality feature rich motherboard that makes a fine base for a Core 2 Quad system.”


ECS A770M-A @ Big Bruin

“The ECS A770M-A (V1.0) AMD 770 motherboard should not be overlooked by anyone looking to build a reliable, low cost system around the latest AMD processors. Those in the market for a highly configurable, overclocking motherboard should keep shopping, but if you want modern features and solid performance right out of the box, this is a good choice.”


ASUS P5K64 WS @ Think Computers

“It’s not something that we in the enthusiast world really think about, but there is a market out there for high-end computers that will probably never do any gaming, be overclocked, water cooled, or any other of the cool stuff that geeks do with their rigs. For example, a design engineer might desire a CAD workstation using multiple large screens…as many as six or eight…at high resolution.”

Gigabyte GA-EX38-DS4

Gigabyte GA-EX38-DS4 @ Bjorn3D

“Current motherboards seem to be performing so close to each other that often motherboards with same chipsets will have performance less than 5% from each other. In order to differentiate themselves among other boards, motherboard manufactures are starting implement different approaches.”



“The ASUS P5K-E WIFI-AP offers almost the same features as the ASUS P5K Premium but you’ll save 30-40 Euros. If you don’t need a second Gigabit-LAN controller, this motherboard might be the better choice. We’ve compared the two mainboards and show you the differences.”