SuperMicro SuperO C9Z590-CGW – KitGuru

Instead we have been told the SuperO C9Z590-CGW will cost £419 here in the UK and for that sort of money we expect a premium motherboard that behaves perfectly, delivers good performance and is supplied with a list of impressive features. Instead we have a Z590 motherboard that performs poorly out of the box and which has features that are nothing special.

SuperO could help the C9Z590-CGW by fixing the BIOS and lowering the price to a sensible level, but you still have a bit of a conundrum where the offer is a gaming platform with 10 Gigabit Ethernet and nothing in the way of RGB. You may think that sounds like a confusing combination of features and frankly, we have to agree.

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Supermicro SuperO C9Z590-CGW – TweakTown

The SuperO C9Z590-CGW is one of two SKUs available for purchase with the Z590 chipset; the other, the C9Z590-CG, would omit the W in the model and come without WiFi6 and BT 5.1. That said, both SKUs are stacked with connectivity, including 5, 10, and 20Gb/s USB 3.2 on the rear I/O and 10Gbe from the Marvell AQC113C chipset.

Running through the platform specifications, this board does support 11th Gen Intel Rocket Lake CPUs, with RAM support for JEDEC 2133-3200MHz and XMP up to 4000MHz. The maximum memory capacity is 128GB with 32GB DIMMs.

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Supermicro SuperO C9Z590-CGW – FunkyKit

There were no problems with stability or performance during all our tests. The CPU overclocks well and even higher than on some other motherboards. However, I wish to see better compatibility with higher frequency memory kits. RAM is stable and for most users, DDR4-3600 is still more than enough but the competition offers much higher speeds.

Gamers may also want RGB and ARGB connectors which are not available on the CZ590-CGW. For me, it’s not an issue as I’m not a fan of flashy PC and I know that many users dislike RGB lighting too. It’s just a standard nowadays that gaming motherboards have these connectors onboard.

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SuperMicro SuperO C9Z490-PGW / PG: Physical Review – Steve’s Hardware

Don’t let its 6+2 phase VRM fool you, the C9Z490-PGW is loaded with high quality parts that are capable of taking your CPU to a very comfortable overclock without much hassle. The level of quality of the motherboard ensures excellent performance as well. The PEX8747 and the 10Gbit NIC are very nice additions, and pretty much make this a mixture between a high-end gaming/enthusiast motherboard and a workstation product.

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Supermicro Intel Z590 Motherboards Revealed

AS CES continues, we now have details available on Supermicro’s Intel Z590 motherboards. Two models have been revealed, the C9Z590-CG and the C9Z590-CGW. Both boards are equipped similarly, with the -CGW featuring an integrated Wi-Fi 6 + Bluetooth 5.1 solution. Similar to other Z590 motherboards, they feature both a 1GbE and 10GbE onboard, support three M.2 devices (1 @ PCIe 4.0, 2 @ PCIe 3.0), 4 SATA ports and more. While not top-of=mind for most enthusiasts, Supermicro is known for making high quality products. Head on over to their website to read more on both of these boards.


SuperMicro SuperO C9Z490-PGW

Supermicro is one of the most recognizable brands in the server and workstation market. Still, as we saw in our review of the C9Z390-PGW, Supermicro is consistently injecting its ‘server’ grade DNA into its desktop models. The difference between Z390 and Z490 isn’t as stark as it could be, with the main attribute coming in the way of networking support, with an integrated Wi-Fi 6 MAC, which allows users to utilize CNVi modules.

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SuperMicro X12SAE

For every current W480 model on the market, there are at least 4-5 Z490 variants, which makes Intel’s workstation platform slim pickings for choice. One of the reasons behind this is down to necessity, with workstations platforms opting for functionality and core feature sets over bling and fancy designs. What the Supermicro X12SAE lacks in visual appeal, it makes up for in its feature set with much of what we have come to expect from its mid-level professional models. 

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Supermicro X11SCL-IF

Many of those solutions have a new feature or gimmick to separate themselves from the pack. There though “the pack” often refers to something exactly like the Supermicro X11SCL-IF we are reviewing here. With the X11SCL-IF we get a single socket mITX Intel Xeon platform that is packed with functionality. Let us take a look.

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Supermicro SuperO C9Z490-PGW

The SUPERO Pro Gaming series blows gamer’s expectations out of the water with top tier performance and a range of features that will get you to a higher level than ever before. Our C9Z490-PGW motherboard is fully loaded with our latest SUPERO Booster overclocking software, multiple high-speed storage options including M.2, and the fastest wired and wireless networking technologies.

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