MSI X58 Platinum

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The question many who want to upgrade to the i7 are asking themselves is, “Which features can I skimp on to save a few bucks for other parts I need for my PC?” This is a somewhat difficult decision and makes users weigh the pros and cons of what options they want to use. Is their PC going to be used for gaming? Is it going to be specifically for photo and video editing? Answers these questions will help many folks choose the right LGA 1366 mobo and get the best price too.
2 Overclockers Club
The MSI X58 Platinum is one of the least expensive boards to support the latest Intel Core i7 processors, but with a price tag of $230 it can hardly be called an entry level board. Fortunately, it has features to back this price up, including CrossFire, on-board power, reset and clear CMOS buttons, but lacks SLI. MSI surely and rightfully does not market it as an entry board but more like a gaming board. On paper, it looks like it has what it takes to hang out with the big boys out there. Hopefully the numbers will prove me right.
3 Viperlair
While the MSI x58 Eclipse supports both Crossfire and SLI, thePlatinum series supports only Crossfire as of this writing (there is rumor of a X58 Platinum SLI as well). Of course most of us will not stress over this“shortcoming”, especially when we see the $70 or more extra in our pockets. The only other high end offering that I can see missing is the ability to do 3 way Crossfire / SLI, most of us will not miss that feature either. MSI has labeled the X58 Platinum as part of their “Gaming Series”, to prove out their point they have included several niceties that have come to be expected by the premier gaming Motherboard Manufacturers such as Asus, DFI, EVGA et all.
4 Bjorn3D
As we look over the specifcations, notice that this motherboard only supports ATI crossfire X for multi GPU configurations. If you want an SLI Capable Motherboard, check with the manufacturer first to make sure that board supports both ATI CrossFire X and Nvidia SLI. MSI Does have an SLI capable X58 Platinum motherboard, but this one is not.