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1 PC Perspective
In April, MSI released their newest X58 motherboard called the Eclipse Plus. This board takes the reins as MSI's top X58 board from the successful Eclipse SLI, which was a true performer and exceptional overclocker. MSI also upped the ante with this version by adding NVIDIA's NF200 chip that supports true quad SLI and Quad CrossFireX in a unique 16/16/16/4 formation. There are only a handful of boards that have this chip and it's typically reserved for the most elite motherboards that want to push high definition gaming and GPU computing as far as it can go.
2 X-Bit Labs
The box that MSI Eclipse Plus mainboard comes in looks quite common for a flagship solution. It is pretty deep, has a convenient carry handle, and a decorative front panel that can be flipped open to reveal some mainboard components through clear windows. At first we only see a colorful box, and then find the mainboard and bundled accessories in two separate packages inside the box.
3 Overclcokers Club
Opening the shipping box reveals the large and shiny, dark MSI box. MSI and the MSI logo are virtually in each corner of the box, which also states that this is a Gaming Series motherboard. The board also features the ability to run Crossfire and SLI, as do most X58 i7 motherboards. The front flap also shows that the package includes a copy of Norton, as well as some features of the DrMOS enabled motherboard – GreenPower (Highest Efficiency), XpressCool (Zero Noise), and RapidBoost (Best Performance).
4 TweakTown
We have already seen both GIGABYTE and ASUS put their offerings on the table; today we have yet another high-end board from a very highly regarded company, MSI. On the chopping blocks today is the MSI X58 Eclipse SLI. This board promises to have it all and then some. But as expected, a board of this calibre certainly comes at a price. You can currently purchase it from Newegg at 349.99 USD. But is it worth every penny? Let’s take a look and see.
5 PCStats
"As MSI Computer knows, sometimes overkill is a good thing. This seems to be the philosophy behind the MSI X58 Eclipse Plus motherboard - a jet black beauty built around Intel's X58 Express and ICH10R chipsets for the Intel Core i7 family of socket 1366 processors. MSI's X58 Eclipse Plus motherboard supports DDR3 memory exclusively, and triple channel kits at that."