Foxconn Bloodrage

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1 X-Bit Labs
When we start discussing the top of the mainboard PCB layout we usually say some general things about high-quality components and convenient or inconvenient location of the power supply connectors. The major differences distinguishing most mainboards from one another are usually hiding in the lower part of the PCB. Foxconn BloodRAGE mainboard has no problems with the electrolytic capacitors as well as the power supply connectors placement.
2 Technic 3D
Foxconn sieht ihr Bloodrage Mainboard sicherlich im oberen High-End-Bereich der X58-Boliden. Alleine die vier PCIe-Slots und das auffällige rot/schwarze Design des Boards sind Zeichen für eine Kampfansage an die Konkurrenz. Im SLI bzw. Crossfire werden beide Grafikkarten mit 16x Geschwindigkeit angesteuert. Im Triple-SLI ergibt sich ein 16x/16x/8x Modus. Auch Quad Crossfire ist theoretisch möglich, jedoch nur mit 8x Anbindung eines jeden einzelnen PCIe Slots.
3 MadShrimps
Foxconn has moved aggressively forward in the retail market, previously only OEM supplier they are now pushing hard to get their brand recognized by end users. Their latest motherboard is based on Intel high end X58 chipset. Their naming schemes are not a mumbo jumbo of numbers and letters, but actually really eye-catching, like their P35 MARS, X48 Blackops, and now the X58 Blood Rage.
4 PCShopTalk
"I was amazed how much bundle I found with this motherboard : plenty of hardware components, but also a lot of useful utilities on the CD. The board performance was excellent and when I was overclocking, I never needed to reset the CMOS even once. When the board was not recovering, all I had to do was to push the Force Reset button, and the board was booting fine; I could modify this way the settings that did not work on the previous boot."