Biostar TPower X58A

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BIOSTAR TPower X58A doesn’t have heat pipes based cooling system, but instead every component has its own cooler (heat spreader). Differences in achieved temperatures exist but those differences are very small: just few degrees higher on TPower X58A model. Bigger differences in achieved temperatures were noticed during overclock session but since both motherboards need active cooling if you intend to achieve stable overclock these differences are not that important.
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There are two versions of the Biostar X58; there's the high-end TPower X58 which costs £215-£218 or you can save £15 and choose the TPower X58A that we're reviewing. The difference in specification between the two models is fairly small as most of the features are shared by both motherboards. They both have three long PCI Express slots that support both CrossFire and SLI although things aren't quite as simple as they appear.