ASRock X58 SuperComputer

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ASRock has never been shy about releasing new motherboards. Over the last couple of years it seems that we have seen a new board about every other week! That may be a slight exaggeration, but the truth is, they have produced a lot of different models, although a new one may only be a slight variation from the last board based on the same chipset. They have produced some good boards. Today, we get to see if that trend continues with the ASRock X58 SuperComputer motherboard.
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As we have noted before, ASRock continues to step up the capabilities of their products and with each new iteration of motherboards we see more feature-rich, enthusiast-oriented products from this cost-oriented company. With the current global economy, more consumers will be looking for more cost effective products, which places ASRock in a prime position. One of the cheapest Intel X58 motherboards on the market is the ASRock X58 SuperComputer, which has a number of exciting features but at a lower cost.
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In the world of computers, value priced hardware has had quite a bit of a bad rap for quite a while. In the early dawn of the industry, cutting costs meant cutting corners. In these later days, the procedure of cutting costs has come through efficiency, simple manufacturing, and limited bundles. Now, while ASRock has spent much of it's time in the former of these worlds, I happen to be able to confidently say that this board - the x58 SuperComputer is going to be a positive change on the pattern - a board with a good layout, plenty of features, and a nice low cost.
Intel's X58 chipset has been a wide success among the early adopters of the Core i7 platform. As they are the only provider of chipsets for the Newhalem CPUs this comes as no surprise. The Core i7 offers improved performance, more features and the memory controller moved to the CPU instead of the chipset over the previous generation CPUs. Every major motherboard manufacturer has released boards on this chipset.
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As I mentioned, ASRock's boards are economy-priced, I guess the most expensive ASRock motherboard I've seen was about $130. ASRock didn't build an X38 or X48 board, both chipsets were designed for upper-end performance motherboards, and I assume that ASRock had no desire to get into that market.
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The thought of owning your own super computer is probably the dream of most computer enthusiasts. With this iteration of the X58 chipset from ASRock you actually can build your own. Today we will be looking at the ASRock X58 SuperComputer which supports NVIDIA Tesla cards, up to Quad SLI, and up to Quad CrossFireX.