Gigabyte G1.Assassin 2

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1 TweakTown
"Jump forward a few more months, though, with the launch of the X79 chipset and we saw that GIGABYTE was getting on the G1 bandwagon straight away. Last week we managed to preview the new GIGABYTE G1.Assassin 2, but today we get to really see what the new board is about in our full review. Because we've already previewed the board, we've had the opportunity to cover almost every aspect of the board already."
2 TBreak
4 PureOC
5 Guru3D
"Gigabyte responded with a new BIOS very quickly, it seems that the older BIOS did not set any failsafe limitations. The new F7 BIOS will throttle down the CPU when subjected to extreme stress, to preserve and overheat the VRM. The board effected where: GA-X79-UD3, GA-X79-UD5, and G1.Assassin 2."