Sapphire Pure Platinum Z68

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1 eTeknix
"Eager to show what else they can do, they are bringing a Z68 board to market, branded under the same Pure Platinum group of products and we were keen to show it off before its official release on the 18th August 2011. Feature wise it looks hopeful to be a good contender and seems to offer some unique features that we've seen on the likes of their A75 board."
"For performance that should come in at a very reasonable price, this board is going to stand out. Another problem that we had though was that we were unable to find any vendors that currently carry it in the U.S. This does make it difficult to recommend."
3 Neoseeker
"In this roundup Neoseeker has four motherboards on the chopping block. All of them will be put through the same testing processes and judged accordingly. Running through the gauntlet today is a single motherboard from ASUS, two from Gigabyte and one from Sapphire. Most of the motherboards utilize the Z68 chipset detailed above, while the ASUS motherboard uses the P67 chipset."
4 TweakTown
"So if we go off the trend that we've been seeing from Sapphire since the re-launch of their motherboards, the Z68 won't be quite the shining light that we hope. But we always hope to go against the trend and Sapphire are a little later to the market when compared to other companies, so hopefully they've done a good job with the board that will let it shine in a market that is flooded with great Z68 options already."