ASRock Fatal1ty Z68 Gen3

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1 Techware Labs
"The ASRock Fatal1ty Z68 Professional board coupled with the Intel Core i5 2500k is an outstanding combo providing rock solid stability along with some really high performance. I was astounded at how well this combo held its own against the likes of some of the 6 and 8 core competitors."
2 Hardware Heaven
"Today we have one of these forward looking Intel boards on our test bench, the Fatality Z68 Professional Gen 3 which is a board which works with today's PCIe 2.0 based hardware but also includes all the components required to support future 1155 CPUs and PCIe 3.0."
3 OC Club
"The Z68 lineup from ASUS is something that you should think twice about getting your feet into, as all three of the boards that were tested in this roundup were able to perform quite well. When you are looking at the overclocking alone on the three boards, the ASUS P8Z68 DELUXE was able to get a little higher of an overclock, however all three of the boards were able to keep the i7 2600K above 4700MHz."