ASRock Z68 Extreme4

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1 SSD Review
"To say we have gone overboard on this review might just be a bit too accurate. In an effort to push this to its limits we have pushed it through some of the toughest tests available, to include 10 separate games for those avid gamers wondering how it would stand up to their use. If you are considering a serious motherboard for your enthusiast activities, ASRock may have finally put together the most complete motherboard available and at an excellent price point!"
2 TweakTown
"Also, because we went into so much detail on the motherboards in those previews, we won't be looking at the board or package here today, as everything is covered in extensive detail already. So because we've been able to have a look at this board and others in great detail already, we'll be able to instead get stuck straight into the fun stuff like the BIOS, Overclocking and of course, performance."
"This board isn’t the nicest looking board around. I actually prefer the boards that tend to feature a single, solid color. The Gigabyte boards come to mind with their all black PCBs. This has no bearing on performance but it is something to consider especially if you are using a case with a clear side panel."
4 Hardware OC
"The current Z68 chipset was planned from the outset. This will combine both desires of customers in a chipset. The overclocking capabilities of the graphics function of P67 and H67. Those who only now is considering to upgrade to the new standard, which should take into consideration like the new chipset. We also have interest in such a board and we had been looking for a suitable model. Since we are the ASUS Z68 Extreme4 stung in the eye, which we now imagine you want something closer."
5 PureOC
"ASRock is known for producing motherboards that bring solid performance at affordable prices, but can it bring the performance that enthusiasts crave? One board that comes with a strong feature set and an attractive price tag of $180 is the ASRock Z68 Extreme4."
6 Think Computers
"It fills that void allowing users to overclock their system, while using th e built-in graphics. Z68 offers plenty of other features as well, but we will get to that in just a little bit. Our first jump in to the Z68 chipset will be with the ASRock Z68 Extreme4 motherboard. This board features ASRock’s advanced V8 power phase design, 3 PCI-E x16 slots, SATA 6GB/s and USB 3.0 support, Intel’s Smart Response Technology, and LucidLogix Virtu GPU virtualization software."