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1 TBreak
"The new AMD 9-series chipsets brings with it the long awaited octa-core CPU support. These new AM3+ motherboards will support any AMD processor all the way till the good old Athlon processors of yore. With the 9-series chipsets, AMD brings support for SATA III (6gbps), PCI 2.0 2×16 lanes or 4×8 lanes, and up to 14 USB 2.0 connections. You will notice that USB 3.0 is sorely missing native support, but then that issue is moot because most motherboard manufacturers will just use a Marvell chip to control that."
2 Guru3D
"The ECS Black Extreme A990FXM-A comes with 140W AM3+ Processor support and harbors AMD CrossfireX and NVIDIA SLI technology compatibility. You'll spot 3 PCIe x16 slots, dual gigabit jack, it has 7.1 channel High Definition audio, USB 3.0 and well... just a lot more. We'll have a look at the motherboard performance, based on Phenom II processors."
3 OC Club
"The ominous heatsink dominates the board, although one may notice that it also manages to have a clean and subdued style. On a related note, one might notice something a little 'off' with this board. At first it might be difficult to identify what exactly it is, and then you see it; this board appears to lack a northbridge!"
4 Hardware Secrets
"Today we are going to take a look at the A990FXM-A, the first socket AM3+ motherboard from ECS, supporting the forthcoming "Bulldozer" CPUs from AMD and coming with three PCI Express x16 slots."
5 TechPowerUp
"Once again the dragons are upon us, and once again a challenger emerges to defend humanity from their wrath. ECS's A990FXM-A socket AM3+ has landed on our testbench, ready for battle, sword and shield in hand. Will the ECS A990FXM-A save us from the black hole that is slow computing? We find out."
6 Hardware Heaven
"In terms of performance the A990FXM-A competes well with other 990FX based boards and features such as support for 3-Way Crossfire, SATA3 and USB 3 ensure that we can get the most from our components. Something which is added to by the support of the latest AMD CPU's and DDR3 in excess of 2000MHz."
7 PureOC
"Today, we have EliteGroup’s new 990 chipset motherboard called the A990FXM-A Black Edition. EliteGroup has quietly emerged as a full line motherboard company in both AMD and Intel platforms. They may be the quiet guy on the block and may not be the best known, so let’s get ready to rumble and see what the ECS A990FXM-A Black Extreme has under the hood."