Sapphire Pure Platinum A75

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1 eTeknix
"Sapphire are a brand that we all know and love for producing some of the most extreme video cards on the market and push the boundaries in terms of cooling and performance. Marking a new chapter, Sapphire are keen to get into the motherboard market, but want to do so with a bang by offering boards with the most beneficial features, extreme technology and a good price point."
"With the A75 the first thing you have to know is that these don’t use your standard processors. These support the FM1 socket APU processors. AMD APU processors feature embedded graphics that are very similar to Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors. The A8-3800 processors come with AMD HD 6500 series graphics."
3 Bjorn3D
"The latest model joining the Pure family is the Pure Platinum A75 (PT-A8A75) designed for AMD’s latest APU. The Platinum A75 is packaged in a black box with reflective silver color accent that looks like many of Sapphire’s boards. We actually like the clean look of the Sapphire retail box that has enough information yet is not overly saturated with too much marketing slogans."
4 PureOC
"Sapphire has an impeccable reputation for manufacturing quality graphic cards and is now considered a full line motherboard company. This reputation has not happened overnight and with some hard work, they manufacture E series, socket FM1, and socket AM3 motherboards for AMD platforms along with LGA 775, 1366 and 1155 for Intel."
5 OC Club
"As with all socket types, the motherboard isn't really going to give a noticeable performance increase or decrease. If they did, the comparison charts would be slightly more interesting. So instead of buying a motherboard based on performance, it's best to purchase one based on its overclockability, features, and sometimes even its looks. After using the Sapphire A75 Pure Platinum I'm confident in saying that it doesn't fall short in the latter two of these categories."
6 Neoseeker
"Sapphire's Pure Platinum A75 is an AMD Socket FM1 motherboard supporting the A75 platform with many features that could really make it stand out of the crowd, but does its performance similarly make enough of a difference? Hit our newest Sapphire AMD motherboard review!"