Gigabyte GA-E350N-USB3

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1 Bjorn3D
"At CES2011, GIGABYTE announced their first AMD Fusion Mini-ITX motherboard, the GA-E350N-USB. This little mini-ITX motherboard comes with one of the first AMD Fusion APU’s (Accelerated Processing Unit): the Dual-Core E-350 with a Radeon HD6410 graphics core. It also comes with 4 SATA 6Gbps ports and 2 USB3.0 ports, making it a very attractive little motherboard for users who value a power efficient system that still has teeth enough to show 1080p video and play the occasional lighter game."
2 TweakTown
"The GIGABYTE E350N-USB3 is as you might've guessed a Fusion board based on the E Series of Fusion APU from AMD. They tell us that this is the "Value & Essential" series. We're going to get into all of that in just a few moments, though, as we take a look at the motherboard to see what's on offer. What we'll first do is check out the package that GIGABYTE has got going on."
3 Tech Report
"We take a closer look at a Fusion-equipped Gigabyte GA-E350N-USB3 Mini-ITX motherboard to see if it delivers on Zacate's potential for small-form-factor desktops and home-theater PCs. While we're at it, we also test the peripheral performance of Fusion's Hudson M1 platform hub."
4 eTeknix
"Whilst we see products getting smaller, we are generally seeing them using less power and dissapating less heat and this is where AMD have taken advantage with their showcase of their newest AMD Fusion APU platform. Fusion utilises a CPU/GPU combination creating the Fusion APU to give users an all-in-one solution which draws very little power."
5 Techware Labs
"Packaging is as appealing as ever and follows Gigabyte’s styling concept almost to the ‘T’. The words “Ultra” and “Durable” are spread all over the back, the front and all the other sides of the box. On the back there are 6 I counted 6 instances of the word “Ultra” while the front contained only 2."
6 TBreak
"The most recent AMD Fusion based M-ATX motherboard I looked at was the ASUS E35M1-M which gave decent performance for its puny size. Now keep in mind that everything on the motherboard is upgradeable through the various expansion slots except for the CPU. No matter what, you’re stuck with a dual core AMD E-350 APU with its onboard graphics processor."
7 Neoseeker
"Today we take a look at a small form factor motherboard offering from Gigabyte based on AMD's Fusion platform, the E350N-USB3. The Fusion platform combines motherboard, CPU and graphics into one very compact solution geared for the HTPC market, and we put the E350N-USB3's performance to test in our first Fusion-centric review."
8 PureOC
"Gigabyte has coupled a new motherboard with the newest release by AMD. This release is not your typical expectation; rather something AMD has been working for some time, a vision now reality called FUSION. The product is an embedded processor named the E350 and the motherboard is labeled the E350N-USB3."
9 iXBT Labs
"The CPU VRM has 3 phases, with 2 Low RDS(on) MOSFETs per phase and ferrite chokes. There are 5 x 820 µF and 4 x 100 µF capacitors, all solid. The copper power and ground layers are double-thick. Processors with the TDP of up to 140W are supported. In other words, GA-E350N-USB3 meets Gigabyte's own Ultra Durable requirements."
10 PC Perspective
"I had high expectations for this E-350 motherboard, but the benchmark results didn't give me what I was looking for from this board. The next Fusion APUs will provide better CPU performance as well as graphics and multimedia capabilities to help boost this platform into something consumers will drool over for their next home theater PC."