Intel DP67BG

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1 Benchmark Reviews
"Intel processors are the favorites of many enthusiasts, but their motherboards have typically been relegated to OEM and business use since most of them did not offer the features enthusiasts wanted. Intel has accompanied the introduction of the new Sandy Bridge CPUs and their supporting Cougar Point chipsets with a slew of new motherboards, some of which are targeted at the same enthusiast market served by the likes of ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, and others."
2 Tech Report
"At first glance, the DP67BG looks like it could have come from any one of those manufacturers. I guess black and blue are in this season. To be fair, Intel's been using these colors on its Extreme-series boards for several years now. In a surprising twist, the other guys are following its aesthetic lead."
3 Au-Ja!
"Intel's DP67BG and the ECS P67H2-A Back Extreme. While ECS offers more features including Lucid's Hydra and support for up to three graphics cards, Intel decorated the DP67BG with a skull that blinks red when your harddrive is accessed. Our 30 page review introduces both motherboards including all chips and features, checks the performance with games and applications, validates the throughput of USB, SATA and PCIe."