ASUS P8P67 WS Revolution

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1 PureOC
"The P8P67 WS Revolution model builds upon the Deluxe in a few ways and adds a few more features, most of which will again be familiar. The WS Revolution\ is technically a workstation board, but that doesn't preclude anyone from using it in any non-workstation fashion. As you'll see, the "workstation" aspect predominantly comes from the additional PCI Express slots that can be used in 3-way SLI or Quad Crossfire, dual Intel LAN ports, improved power design for greater stability, and vertical USB onboard headers that are often very useful for CAD dongles and such."
2 HardOCP
"The P8P67 WS Revolution is solid. The only complaint I can really make is concerning the location of the auxiliary power connector. I’m not sure I like it next to the 24 pin ATX power. Expansion slot layout is good, memory slots are clear, CPU socket is clear of obstruction and really you can’t ask for much more than that."
3 OCAholic
"The P8P67 WS Revolution is ASUS' first workstation motherboard which supports Intels upcoming Sandy Bridge processors. At a first glance we see that between every PCI-Express x16 slot there is an x1 slot which means that installing a dual slot graphics cards is possible in every single x16 slot."
4 TweakTown
"This is what ASUS has done; as we told you before, they are designing all of their new boards to handle a much higher power and thermal envelope from the beginning. This means that you should be able to get some pretty impressive clocks out of even your basic boards. With that in mind, we are cracking open the box on one of our favourite lines of ASUS motherboards. This is the WS line; we have the P8P67 WS Revolution sitting on the test bench all ready to go."
5 Think Computers
"ASUS’s P8P67 line of motherboards is huge, as of writing this review there are currently 10 P8P67 motherboards in the lineup. Today we are going to be checking out the ASUS P8P67 WS Revolution board. The “WS” implies that it is a workstation board but the “Revolution” means this board is not just made for standard workstation use, but in-home use and gaming applications."