ASUS Sabertooth X58

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1 OC3D
Run it certainly can too. It is almost identical to the P6X58D-E in most of our testing but the benchmarks where it edged ahead were the important ones. The differences in 3D Gaming benchmarks can largely be attributed to the better graphics card performance from the earlier Catalyst drivers on the P6X58D-E tests. Even then the X58 Sabertooth stays within a cats whisker.
2 Guru3D
Much to our surprise the motherboard is actually LESS high-end than say a Rampage III Extreme, it does however come with the latest features like USB 3.0, SATA6G and offers nice aesthetics based on a military theme. Another oddity is that the cooling on this motherboard is based on a ceramic design.
3 OC Club
The box in which the ASUS Sabertooth arrived has a dark blackish background that looks similar to brushed aluminum plate. The TUF (The Ultimate Force) badge hangs at the top left and also exposes an image to the right. The top right shows three Intel badges proclaiming it's six core 32nm CPU ready and offers X58 chipset and Core i7 compatibility.
4 Bjorn3D
One of the early launches of the TUF line was the Socket 1156 Sabertooth 55i, which met huge demand last year in India. The product was so popular because the motherboard is designed to handle higher ambient temperature and humidity conditions. The capacitors, chokes and MOFSETs (Metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor) are tested to military standards by IST (Integrated Service Technology) in Taiwan.
5 PureOC
"The ASUS Sabertooth X58 is part of the ASUS TUF, or The Ultimate Force, series. A play on words, it is indeed "tough", both in styling and fabrication. It looks like military camoflauge, with a very unique colour scheme, its components are coated in ceramics, and it's built to military standards. As far as motherboards go, it looks awfully rugged and reminds us of a tank."
6 X-Bit Labs
7 Tech Report
"Although the Rampage III Gene has a pretty good selection of connectivity options, it's conspicuously missing external Serial ATA ports. There's certainly room for eSATA, and I suspect most users would gladly give up one of the eight internal SATA ports to get an external option."
8 8Ware
"With the already released Sabertooth ASUS P55 ASUS presented a motherboard that was designed for operation under extreme conditions. These included selected components, some of them even with Ceram! X-coating. Now we have the opportunity, the latest Sabertooth ASUS X58 motherboard (Socket 1366) to test."