Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD9

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1 Hexus
However, whilst logical, conservative buyers will look elsewhere, there are always those who demand the very best. If price isn't an issue, X58 boards literally don't come much bigger or better than Gigabyte's GA-X58A-UD9.
2 TweakTown
I almost feel sorry for the CPU knowing how I am going to torture it with this weapon, and torture it I will. As you know, I’m not one for air testing so I will leave most of that to others. What I want to know is how it rocks when we crank the volts over 1.9vcore and freeze it to below -150degrees celcius.
3 TBreak
The X58A-UD9 is definitely big, measuring in at 13.58″ x 10.31″ (34.5cm x 25.35cm), this XL ATX motherboard won’t even fit in most of the cases currently available in the market. However, Gigabyte was kind enough to provide a list of compatible cases from various vendors that can swallow this behemoth.
4 PureOC
We've seen many X58 motherboards since their initial launch, and lately some refreshes with SATA 6G and USB 3.0 coming to the market. But we've never seen a board with a price tag like the Gigabyte GA-X58-UD9. We are well aware of Gigabyte's reputation among overclockers, and truth be told, we're big fans as well, since we've seen them display some of the best stability and recovery from extreme overclocking we've ever encountered.