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Today we have the opportunity to look at a new motherboard from ASRock. Established in 2002, ASRock is a company that is still a bit on the small side when compared to some of the big guns out there. Despite being on the small side I am confident they are planning on making some big waves with the center piece of today's article, the ASRock X58 Extreme3.
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The problem is the other new technologies that have just emerged, SATA 6 Gb/s and USB 3. Most of us had no idea that either was in the works when the Core i7/X58 emerged. Going to the expense of buying the new Core i7 980X, you definitely want the latest data transfer technologies, and with an older X58 board, the only way you will get them is with PCI expansion cards.
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With the new X58 chipset on the market the S1366 seems to have to got another speed bost, we are today looking at the Asrock X58 Extreme 3 motherboard which is filled with some nice features. The queston is though will we see some performance difference compared to older S1366 boards?
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If you want an X58 based platform and want to enjoy USB 3.0 and SATA3 6G, there really are no affordable alternatives on the market, until now that is. ASRock has released a new X58 motherboard. It's loaded with extra features yet comes with SATA3 and USB 3.0. It is up-to date, has some nice extras, and get this... will cost only 165 EUR or roughly 189 USD.
"Another feature of this chipset is native SATA 2 capability. This means that this chipset has up to 6 native SATA 2 ports for 3/Gbps bandwidth on compatible SATA 2 hard drives. This gives this board really good RAID functionality and storage options. With this type of support this chipset sets itself up for the future of mass storage."