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1 Hardware Secrets
"Motherboards based on the new H55, H57 and Q57 chipsets are targeted to the new Core i3 and Core i5 processors with integrated video, and EVGA has so far released two different models based on H55, simply named H55 (the most complete model, USD 170 MRSP) and H55V (entry-level model, USD 100 MRSP). By the way, wouldn't be nice if all motherboard manufacturers used simple product names?"
Aside from being a full size board, EVGA’s offering brings some innovative features to the table, such as dual heatsink mounting support which allows you to mount either a Socket 775 or Socket 1156 heatsink and EZ voltage read points which allow you to quickly and easily check the voltages of your system with a voltmeter directly from the motherboard.
3 X-Bit Labs
A full-size mainboard on Intel H55 chipset has a number of obvious advantages over microATX modifications, which are more numerous these days. Unfortunately, performance, energy-efficiency and overclockability are not among these advantages.