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1 Guru3D
"If you can live just fine with just one Gigabit Ethernet connector, six SATA2 ports and analog 5.1 audio you can safe yourself a lot of buckaroonies alright. Yes you'd have a fairly high performance 'regular' PC which certainly doesn't have to be expensive. Today we look at such a product, it's the all new H55 chipset based ECS H55H-M motherboard priced at roughly 55 EUR / 79 USD."
2 Phoronix
The ECS Elitegroup H55H-M motherboard is even lighter on accessories than the recently reviewed Intel P55-based ECS P55H-A, with the included items just being two Serial ATA data cables, I/O panel, Windows driver CD, hardware installation guide, and the Elitegroup user's guide.
3 Neoseeker
"As an entry-level motherboard, the H55H-M has a very basic layout that only includes two memory slots and a slimmed down cooling solution. The board uses a standard green PCB color scheme and only includes solid capacitors near the CPU socket. Not all motherboards are geared toward the enthusiasts market, and the reduction in high-end components allows ECS to release this board with a substantially lower premium than the high-end models."