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1 Hartware
"Thus, the small board also boasts good sound, thanks to a licensed Creative X-FI software. Also supports all currently available LGA1156 CPUs. But one thing is on the MI LanParty P55-T36 really stands out: the CPU cooler and the graphics card. "MI" stands by the way for mini-ITX."
2 HardwareZone
Filling up our palm is the DFI LanParty MI P55-T36, a mini-ITX board that belies its dimensions by having Intel's mainstream P55 chipset onboard. It opens the way for mini-ITX systems powered by a quad-core processor. We check it out to see if it's as capable as its full-sized rivals.
3 PureOC
The DFI MI P55-T35 is a mini ITX motherboard, a positively tiny product that looks to offer big performance. Overclocking ability and tweaking are hallmarks of DFI products, and this little board is no exception. Based on the P55 chipset, the feature list is robust, even if the formfactor may be deceiving. Let's take a closer look at the DFI MI P55-T36 and find out if good things do come in small packages.