Intel DH55TC

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1 Au-Ja!
"The Clarkdale has arrived but where shall we put it? If you take a P55 based mainboard, you won't be able to use the CPU's graphics core. So, it has to be a H55 or H57 chipset. We took two H55 based motherboards for a testdrive: MSI's H55M-E33 and Intel's DH55TC..."
2 Hardware Secrets
"Motherboards based on the new H55, H57 and Q57 chipsets are targeted to the new Core i3 and Core i5 processors with integrated video, and Intel has released two different socket 1156 motherboards based on H55: DH55TC and DH55HC. Let's take an overall look on DH55TC."
3 Techgage
"With Intel's recent Clarkdale processor launch, the itch to build that new HTPC is no doubt greater than ever. Not only does Intel offer a wide-range of processors, but motherboard vendors are currently offering an incredible amount of H55 models. We're taking a look at two here, Intel's own DH55TC and ASUS' P7H55D-M EVO."
4 MBReview
It offers a solid feature set that will suit the needs of the majority of users in its market, offers excellent stability and reliability, a trait Intel is known for, and offers support for a more powerful home theater or multimedia setup than has been available in the past. If you're in the market for a board that just plain works, give the Intel DH55TC a look...