MSI NF980-G65

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1 Neoseeker
"Overall, MSI did much better using the NForce 980a chipset than ASUS with the M4N82 Deluxe. If one shops for an SLI-licensed AMD board, I have no choice but to recommend the NF980-G65."
2 Techware Labs
"While your computer may be used for several things, whether work related or for entertainment purposes; usually the components on the inside were aimed for both options. MSI's new motherboard, the NF980-G65 pushes all other options aside and screams, I was meant for gaming! The NF890 is in every way, a motherboard meant for the gamer enthusiast."
3 PC Perspective
"Overall the MSI NF980-E65 is a good board. It does everything it promises, it does not waste the consumers' hard earned dollars by including a lot of superfluous extras that may or may not be used, and the build quality should allow it to run for years in even the most sweltering of cases imagined. MSI essentially has the high end AMD/SLI market to itself with this product."