ASRock P55 Deluxe

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1 TweakTown
"It is a very impressive motherboard in terms of performance. There are some layout issues that need to be corrected and the SATA 6G card is not quite the offering it seems on the surface. Still this product managed to convey the dedication that ASRock is showing to the enthusiast."
"ASRock is not well known in the enthusiast community as they often have niche motherboards based on esoteric chipsets with unique features found nowhere else. This board is the first board I’ve seen with the new SATA 6Gb/s interface and has good features and great performance, making it a solid choice for a Hot Product award."
3 X-Bit Labs
"ASRock P55M Pro is the junior model in the lineup. It is designed in MicroATX form-factor, but nevertheless, it allows putting together a high-performance system. For example, we see two graphics cards slots. However, it is important to keep in mind that the lower slot works at lower PCI Express 2.0 speed of only x4 and the board officially supports only ATI CrossFireX and Quad CrossFireX, but there is no mention of Nvidia SLI anywhere."
4 FutureLooks
"We were recently surprised by their X58 Extreme Motherboard which is still the most affordable LGA1366 solution on the market. The board was capable of overclocking with the best of the mid-ranged X58 motherboards. Once again, we’re very curious to see if ASRock’s new aggressive approach has been applied to their next generation performance based P55 Deluxe LGA1156 Motherboard."
5 Think Computers
"ASRock is definitely not a stranger here at, this will be the 11th ASRock motherboard I’ve reviewed. ASRock is best known for their economy motherboards and their uncommon solutions to common motherboard issues. But the last few ASRock motherboards I’ve looked at, though priced less than the competition, were full featured, well built, and every bit as good as boards from those “household name” companies."
6 iXBT Labs
Today we're going to review a top motherboard from ASRock. Actually, company's P55 series isn't very long, and even the second top P55 Extreme is more of a decent mid-end product. But P55 Deluxe is definitely a top solution with both rich features (SLI, 3 graphics slots, dual Gigabit LAN, top-class integrated audio, FireWire, USB/eSATA, etc.) and a nice addition to the bundle -- a SATA 3.0 daughterboard.
7 PC Perspective
This board truly has a ton of features, and at $149, it is a steal for users looking to upgrade to SATA 6GB/s as well as triple graphics cards with Eyefinity or 3DVision. The dual heatsink mounting holes for two different socket types was a very nice touch as well as the board's overall layout and construction.