MSI P55-GD65

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1 Bit-Tech
"MSI's GD65 might not be the all feature encompassing GD80, but this performance P55 board still has the right mix of sexy looks and features to get all but the most hardcore overclocker really engaged. It still manages to carve a niche of hardware and design, yet remains distinct from its cheaper offerings unlike Gigabyte and Asus whose design is uniform from top to bottom."
"The MSI P55-GD65 has a few distinctions over the P55-CD53 motherboard, which I reviewed on launch day. First is the ability to do Voltage Checkpoints, which the other board cannot do. Second is the higher Overclock ability (slightly) of the board. MSI has three models of P55 chipset on the market including this one and the P55-CD53 and P55-GD80 with slightly modified feature set for each."
3 FutureLooks
4 Bjorn3D
"These new performance grade motherboards are no longer sporting the 3 chip design we've seen in the past. A typical 3 Chip design is a CPU=1, IOH/MCP=2, and South bridge=3. The new 2 chip design consists of Cpu=1, PCH=2. The IOH/MCP have been moved to the CPU for a much lower latency access for the PCI-E lanes and memory. The south bridge has been updated to a much more powerful newer design, named the PCH."
5 Xtreme Computing
6 Overclockers Club
"The price point on the P55-GD65 puts it squarely in the mid range for a socket 1156 motherboard. This board comes in a full 50 bucks cheaper than the Intel Kingsberg board, while there is a 90 dollar saving over the ASUS Maximus III Formula, so you have to wonder if the features and performance are worth the extra cash. The included utilities work and provide a good mix of functionality."
7 Legit Reviews
"The MSI P55-GD65 is a solid motherboard that offers users a full range of overclocking and tweaking options. All in all, this is a great motherboard for the price. Combined with a Core i5 750 CPU this would be a killer gaming system on a budget, and one that would reach 3.6GHz with very little effort."
8 TBreak
9 Anandtech
"The OC Genie overclocking technology could not be easier to use and it works exactly as MSI advertised. Even the 3.3GHz i5/750 and 3.7GHz i7/860 generated overclocks on perfectly acceptable voltages pleased us. We think MSI could have squeezed more out of the i5/750 and improved memory timings a little better, but at least the results made a difference in everyday usage without any fuss. Yet, this feature had a dark side."
10 PC Perspective
"The new Lynnfield-based Core i7 and Core i5 processors in the LGA1156 socket offer a new level of performance for a mid-market price that we haven't seen in a long time. Even though you can find P55 motherboards selling for as little as $119 today, The MSI P55-GD65 is definitely one of my favorites as it combines a great feature set with solid overclocking options and unique selling points like OC Genie for just $40 more."