ASUS P7P55D Deluxe

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1 Guru3D
"You'll notice in the photo shoot that is comes with 3x 16x PCIe slots 2.0 e board features eight SATA II 3.0Gbps ports as well as dual gigabit Ethernet, as well as a Via VT2020 10-channel (9.1) hi-def audio codec and the Express Gate instant-on OS feature. The board also comes bundled with a TurboV overclocking remote and corresponding software, Turbo Key, Xtreme Phase, Anti-EMI, and StackCool 3."
2 HardOCP
"The ASUS P7P55D Deluxe is among the first boards to be designed for Intel's new LGA 1156 Core i5 and Core i7 processors. This means a new chipset as well as a new socket. The P7P55D Deluxe integrates the Intel P55 Express chipset which is Intel's first unified chipset. No longer is there a north and south bridge each with their own functions."
3 Award Fabrik
"The packaging is kept simple Asus typical. Various features are shown and described on the packaging. The accessory is enough. It includes a manual, driver / software CD, 6 SATA cables, an Ultra DMA cable, a USB / eSATA bracket, I / O panel (Q-Shield), the Q-Connector Kit, an SLI bridge and a small remote control ( TurboV Remote)."
4 Overclockers Club
"It's almost as if the designers just hit the "center" button, only it worked in the real world. Asus also included the nifty MemOK! button. The P7P55D Deluxe offers more than just cool features. Its performance was great, and it offered delicious overclockability. I can't think of a single con for this board. With that being said, I'd recommend this board to anyone wanting to utilize the new LGA 1156 socket."
5 PureOC
"The P7P55D Deluxe is a premium LGA1156 motherboard for those looking to push their Core i5/i7 and appreciate the finer points of design and quality. It certains looks enticing, but we know that what separates the contenders from pretenders are the features, ease of use, stability, overclockability, and value you get for the price you pay."
7 Bjorn3D
"Instead of 32 GB/s of total PCIe video bandwidth and Triple Channel DDR3, LGA 1156 gets 16 GB/s of total video bandwidth, Dual Channel DDR3, and relocation of the memory and PCIe controller from the motherboard to the CPU. This makes CPU and motherboard production cheaper, which makes purchasing cheaper. Now that we've covered the brief history of this brand new platform, lets move on to what the ASUS P7P55D Deluxe motherboard is all about."
8 PC Perspective
"This feature-rich, high-end motherboard comes fully stocked with tons of custom features that users won't find anywhere else like Express Gate, ASUS's exclusive OS that allows users quick access to the internet and other apps without having to boot into Windows. ASUS also threw in a MemOK! module on board for users to check their system memory compatibility."
9 TweakTown
"ASUS has always been at the forefront when it comes to new technologies. Lynnfield is no exception. At Computex we were lucky enough to see just how well this new technology would work and from there the birth of the new Lynnfield processor and P55 chipset has already caused a stir in the hardware community."
10 TBreak
"The TurboV is a wired remote that connects to the motherboard and is routed out the back of the I/O panel. It includes A, B and C profile buttons, a power button, a +/- button for under and overclocking and manual and auto mode buttons."
11 Legit Reviews
"What sticks out at me about the ASUS P7P55D Deluxe motherboard is that it goes about its business without any hassle. Simply type in some settings that look rational and off it goes. Not once did I have to reset the CMOS or pray that it would come back to life. If I put in a setting that it did not agree with, it simply rebooted with the default settings."
12 PC Stats
ASUS' P7P55D Deluxe motherboard is an Intel P55 Express platform that represents the flagship feature set available to the Core i5 processor, along with a healthy dose of overclocking tools and features. In addition to the obvious support for Intel Lynnfield socket 1156 processors, the ASUS P7P55D Deluxe motherboard features three PCI Express 2.0 x16 videocard slots.