..:: Introduction ::..

In our first experiences with a VPSD motherboard, we were highly enthused with the plethora of features offered up by the board for the price, along with the performance and shear stability. VIA’s Platform Solutions Division is quickly moving up the ranks in the high performance market, and since it is a product of VIA, they are always first out with the latest chipset support. Our last look at a VPSD board was the P4X266A powered P4PA. Since then, VIA has released two new chipsets, one which never really made it into full production, that being the P4X333. Advances made by VIA allowed them to manufacturer a slightly newer version of the P4X333 offering features such as AGP 8X, and support for DDR400 RAM, along with several other features we will be taking a look at a little later. Today, we’ll be taking a good look at VIA’s own P4X400 offering, the P4PB 400. Can this board live up to the reputation of the P4PA? Let’s find out!

..:: Specifications ::..


  • Intel® Pentium® 4, Celeron® Processor
  • 533/400MHz Front Side Bus


  • VIA Apollo P4X400 North Bridge
  • VT8235 South Bridge


  • 3 DDR333 DIMM sockets
  • Up to 3GB Memory

Expansion Slots

  • 1 AGP 8X/4X slot ( 1.5V Support )
  • 5 PCI slots
  • 1 CNR

Onboard IDE

  • 2 x ATA133/100 Connectors

Onboard Audio

  • VIA VT1616 6 Channel AC’97 CODEC

Onboard IEEE 1394

  • VIA VT6306 IEEE 1394 (Optional)

Onboard I/O

  • 2 USB 2.0/1.1 Connectors for 4 Additional Ports
  • 2 IEEE 1394 Ports (Optional)
  • 1 Audio pin-header for SPDIF (Optical & RCA), Rear, Sub/Center
  • CD Audio-in Connector
  • AUX-in Connector
  • Voice Modem Connector
  • IR Connector
  • Wake-on-LAN, Wake-on-Ring
  • CPU/Power/Sys FAN
  • 20-pin ATX Power, 4-pin ATX AUX 12V Power
  • 1 x Buzzer
  • 1 DIP Switch for 100/133/Auto FSB Setting
  • System Intrusion Connector
  • Smart Card Reader Connector

Onboard I/O

  • 1 PS2 mouse Port
  • 1 PS2 keyboard Port
  • 1 RJ 45 100/10Mb LAN Port
  • 2 USB 2.0/1.1 Ports
  • 2 Serial Ports
  • 1 Parallel Port
  • 3 Audio Jacks: line-out, line-in and mic-in
  • 1 Game/MIDI Port


  • Award BIOS, STR, ACPI, WfM 2.0, DMI 2.0
  • 2/4Mbit Flash Memory

Form Factor

  • ATX (4 layers)
  • 30.5cm x 22.5cm