Super Talent T1066UX1G5 1066MHz DDR2

..:: AquaMark 3.0 ::..

AquaMark 3.0 is yet another well known benchmark, geared more towards graphics performance. With the addition of additional system bandwidth we see a meager performance gain between 533MHz and 1066MHz. These results show little more than a 1% boost in performance. This could also be due to graphics card limitations, so let’s see what happens in a real world gaming situation, DOOM 3.


..:: DOOM 3 ::..

In terms of real world performance, DOOM 3 is an excellent option to tax any system. There were some slightly improved benchmark results here coming in with a performance gain of a little over 2%, but this is generally within what many would consider the margin of error for such benchmarks. In other words, negligible. Clearly, simply increasing the frequency without touching anything else offers some additional performance, but as the case always has been, taking the processor and FSB frequencies with you is the way to go.