BIOSTAR H610MH – Vmodtech

Even though it is a small chipset H610, BIOSTAR H610MH motherboards provide a full range of features to use in a small, cost-effective motherboard, such as Super Hyper PWM , Super Durable Solid Caps , PCIe. 4.0 , PCIe M.2 32Gb/s , Intel GbE LAN , Debug LED , Smart Update , BullGuard Internet Security (90 days FREE trial) , UEFI BIOS , AI FAN , Debug LED , HD Audio , can be assumed to be used.

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Intel Z790, B760 Motherboard Hit EEC

About three months ago, Intel launched its 12th Gen Core series Alder Lake-S desktop CPUs at the Innovation 2021 event. Alder Lake-S needs to be paired with socket LGA1700-based 600-series chipset motherboards. And while the same socket, also sometimes called LGA1800, is expected to be re-used for the succeeding 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPUs too, the chipset will be all-new 700-series ones.

Motherboard vendor Biostar looks like it has already started working on the next-gen boards and has applied for Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) certification. Twitter leakster @harukaze5719 has spotted a number of these motherboard models, Z790 and Z760, on the EEC portal.

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BIOSTAR Z690A VALKYRIE – Overclockers

The Biostar Z690A Valkyrie supports the twelfth generation Intel processors using the LGA 1700 socket.  The board boasts 20-phase (19+1) VRMS to handle the power requirements of the flagship 24-thread Intel Core i9-12900K. To cool the VRM, Biostar has once again added active cooling: two 25mm fans on each VRM heatsink along with a solid copper base. These fans can be audible (especially under load), but you can control them through the BIOS and Biostar’s Aurora software.

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BIOSTAR Racing B660GTN – Vmodtech

Biostar has sent us a motherboard to test the name BIOSTAR RACING B660 GTN , which is a motherboard in the Racing Series in Mini-ITX size, small model that is not very expensive, focused on general use. Perfect Intel 12th Gen CPU For BIOSTAR RACING B660 GTN motherboards, it supports DDR4 RAM. The design is based on the racing series that Biostar introduced in Z690. It is also black with the Racing logo on the chipset, ready to support DIY additional decorations.

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Meet the Biostar Z690 Valkyrie motherboard. This product is from a series that already appeared using the Z590 chipset in the past. What does this name mean? It’s the name of Odin’s twelve handmaids who conducted the slain warriors of their choice from the battlefield to Valhalla. The series was introduced with Z590 Valkyrie. But coming back to the reviewed board – it is very expensive, as the MSRP is 599 USD (about 150 USD more than its predecessor), so it’s aimed at the high-end range of the market (and it’s rather crowded there). 

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BIOSTAR Z690 VALKYRIE – El Chapuzas Informatico

We extract the Biostar Z690 Valkyrie from all its packaging and we find ourselves before a motherboard with a conventional design in terms of the PCB, but with oversized and aggressively designed heatsinks for the VRM and the M.2 that facilitate their cooling. It is true that this aesthetic is not usually the most successful in these parts, but for color tastes.

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Compact motherboards are getting more and more popular each year. When everything can be integrated into the motherboard, then we can save space and build a smaller and cooler PC for our daily tasks without sacrificing performance. This is what Biostar thought about when designing the B550M-Silver motherboard. The BIOSTAR B550M-Silver is one of its less-expensive gaming motherboard that comes in a micro ATX format, and promises a great gaming experience. So what else can we expect? 

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BIOSTAR RACING Z690GTA – Hardware-Inside

The Biostar Racing Z690 GTA is currently not listed on the European market and therefore we have no RRP at the time of going to press. Three M.2 slots ensure that the user can almost save a mechanical drive. Each individual M.2 SSD is cooled by its own passive cooler. The reinforced PCIe slot is operated with the latest PCIe 5.0 generation, which also ensures sufficient performance and tuning reserves in the future. 

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In addition, it is equipped with a large M.2 heat sink that is mounted so as to cover the motherboard, and a large back plate that can be expected to have a cooling effect while suppressing distortion of the motherboard when a heavy-duty graphics card is installed. In addition, the chipset heat sink is engraved with a gold-colored logo with Valkyrie’s wings as a motif, and the entire motherboard has a unique design with geometric lines drawn in gray or pink color.

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BIOSTAR Z690 VALKYRIE – Tom’s Hardware

The Biostar Z690 Valkyrie is a capable motherboard with an overbuilt VRM, four M.2 sockets, eight SATA ports, 2.5 GbE and an updated (though polarizing) appearance. If you’re in the market for a sub-$600 board, this works, but there are other options that include Wi-Fi, use the latest audio codec, and a more premium aesthetic at this price.

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