MSI & ASUS AGESA BIOS Availability

ASUS has started to roll our AGESA v1.2.0.0 compatible beta BIOS’, and MSI is not far behind. This drop add support for further CPU models, and per Patrick Schur and 1USMUS, possibly additional bug fixes, and updated SMU and improvements to Curve Optimizer. I’ve already loaded the latest Beta BIOS for the TUF GAMING X570-PRO (WI-FI), but haven’t seen any noticeable changes. I had already hit a stable 1900MHz FCLK, and that remains stable with this release. Front panel USB 3.0 ports are now running capped at USB 2.0 theoretical max (480Mb / 60MB), but that’s another story. Head over to MSI or ASUS to check for a BIOS update. X570, B550, A520 are generally rolling out first, with X470 and others to follow next month.