Intel Sandy Bridge – Core i7-2600K, Core i5-2500K

..:: Aida64 v1.50 Continued… ::..

The VP8 benchmark measures video encoding performance with the Google VP8 video codec. Again, both Sandy Bridge processors come out on top for performance.

This benchmark measures the 32-bit floating point computation performance of a processor by computing frames of the “Julia” fractal. I was expecting to see a larger boost between the i5-2500K and i7-2600K due to the Hyper-Threading support of the i7-2600K, however that did not appear to happen here. This benchmark has also been optimized for use of the AVX instruction set present on Sandy bridge processors.

Similar to the Julia benchmark, the Mandel benchmark computes frames of the “Mandelbrot” fractal for determination of 64-bit floating point performance. This benchmark has also been optimized for support of the AVX instructions on Sandy Bridge. As we move to a more complex calculation, we now see a larger separation between the Sandy bridge processors.

Finally, we have the 80-bit floating point benchmark that utilizes a modified “Julia” fractal. This particular benchmark does not offer support for the AVX instruction set. The i5-2500K posts a better score than the i5-750, though it is unable to keep up with the i7-870. The i7-2600K is the overall leader in this benchmark.