Intel Sandy Bridge – Core i7-2600K, Core i5-2500K

..:: Aida64 v1.50 ::..

The Aida64 benchmarking suite is a new tool that we’ll be using in all future reviews. If you’re unfamiliar with the previous generation of software, once known as EVEREST, please check out the Official Aida64 website for more information on all of these benchmarks. Since this is a new suite, I’ll add some notes to these results for explanation when necessary.

The CPU Queen benchmark is purely integer based, and stressing the branch prediction capabilities of the processor. As this is one area where Sandy Bridge saw a radical change, it was expected that there would be a solid gain from the new Sandy Bridge processors. This is indeed what was found. The performance of the i5-2500K was impressive considering how well it kept up with the Hyper-Threading Enabled i7-870. The i7-2600K has roughly a 2.7% gain in performance, after frequency is considered, over the i7-870. While it may not seem much on the surface, this is a solid improvement.

The PhotoWorxx benchmark does what you would expect from the name, stress the CPU in ways similar to those exhibited under stressful photo editing tasks. It performs several tasks on a large RGB image and utilizes Hyper-Threading features of Intel processors. This benchmark utilizes only two thread streams, so there is less correlation between the number of cores and performance, rather the microarchitecture is more vital to performance. As we can see, the Sandy bridge processors are easily able to surpass the previous generation of Core processors.

The ZLib benchmark utilizes the ZLib compression library to compress a large file. Again, we see the Sandy Bridge processors besting the previous generation of Core processors.

The AES benchmark shows us the same results found with SANDRA. Due to the AES-NI instruction set being included on Sandy Bridge processors, they greatly overpower the previous generation of Core processors.

This benchmark uses the SHA1 hashing algorithm and is configured to utilize the new AVX instruction set in Sandy Bridge. AVX support is new to the Aida64 suite with the most recent software release. Again we see the new Sandy Bridge processors showing higher scores overall.