Intel Sandy Bridge – Core i7-2600K, Core i5-2500K

..:: Bibble 5 Lite ::..

For the Bibble 5 Pro benchmark, we took a series of 200 large images and converted them from .TIF format to .JPEG format. The total time for the conversion is graphed above. The Sandy Bridge processors were easily able to best their respective counterpart from the previous generation. Again, the i5-2500K was able to best the i7-870, although not by much.

..:: iTunes 10 ::..

For the iTunes 10 benchmark, we took a roughly one hour long .WAV file and converted it to .AAC. The measured conversion time is graphed above. There is a significant improvement moving to the new Sandy Bridge processors.

..:: DivX Converter ::..

For the DivX Converter, we took a 2 minute, high definition video and converted it to .MKV format. This shows the video encoding strengths of the new Sandy Bridge processors over the previous generation.

..:: Handbrake ::..

The Handbrake benchmark was run with the same two minute high definition video clip as was used for DivX, however this time it was converted to .MP4 format. The average frames processor per second is graphed above. Again, we see the encoding performance of the Sandy Bridge processors put on display.