Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 840

..:: Multi-Tasking Setup ::..

The addition of multi-tasking to our benchmarking suite is going to be fast and furious as the process is fine tuned over the next few weeks and months. In the first incarnation, I will be utilizing several productivity applications in combination with the well-known Seti@Home program in order to address the multi-tasking benefits of dual core processors. In order to address multi-tasking, I will be working with Adobe Acrobat, Excel, Outlook, Word, the Firefox browser, and Seti@Home running as a background task. This is a fair setup of a typical end user. If you have suggestions for additional tasks to run, please feel free to send along an E-Mail to me ( and I’ll see what I can do. While each of these tasks was running, each having a large document loaded prior, DOOM 3, Cinebench 2003, and Unreal Tournament 2003 were run.


..:: Cinebench 2003 – Multi-Tasking ::..

Given that Cinebench 2003 is a multi-threaded application, we’ll see two things here. One being the performance boost of the dual core system, and two, the advantage it has over a single core processor under a multi-tasked environment. When put into the multi-tasking environment, we see strong performance from both processors, but the 3.73GHz Extreme Edition lags behind in the multi-processor render by 25.9 seconds, or roughly 43% over the Extreme Edition 840. The 3.73GHz EE sees a larger gain in performance between single and multi processor environments now than it would running as the sole application.