Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 840

..:: DOOM 3 ::..

To finish of this first set of benchmarks, we have DOOM3. For this benchmark, we set the system settings to Medium Quality, and ran the benchmark in 640 x 480 to avoid the graphics bottleneck problem. This benchmark shows even more of a performance enhancement when placed against the single core 3.20GHz Pentium 4 “Prescott”. Here, the Extreme Edition 840 manages to overtake most of the other top end single core processors, though it still can’t manage to top the best single core solutions like the 3.73GHz Extreme Edition.


..:: Part I Conclusion ::..

As one would expect, the benchmarks that are current written with single-threaded processors in mind cannot take advantage of the second core at all. This turns the Extreme Edition into a glorified Pentium 4 3.20GHz “Prescott” processor for all intents and purposes. As more multi-threaded applications begin to hit the market, and as these benchmarks are modified for multi-threading we’ll see the real performance of the dual cores working together. For now, the bulk of the benchmarks we’re seeing use only one core putting the Extreme Edition 840 at a distinct disadvantage. Cinebench however shows the potential of a multi-processor / multi-core system with the large performance gain over a single core with Hyper-Threading.