Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 840

..:: Quake III Arena ::..

Quake III Arena has been used as a benchmark for a great length of time now, and the Pentium 4 processor has always been known as a Quake III powerhouse. In order to remove any sort of graphics bottleneck from our results, we chose to go with the standard 640 x 480 resolution for our tests. Quake III results show us the Extreme Edition 840 putting up scores similar to a “Northwood” 3.40GHz Processor. I was hoping for better performance out of the chip, especially when it came to comparisons versus other “Prescott” based processors. This is the case for both the 16-bit and 32-bit resolution benchmark results.


..:: UT2003 ::..

The next to last benchmark for 32-bit testing, Unreal Tournament 2003, shows us some interesting results. For this test, we once again ran the benchmark in 640 x 480 mode in order take the graphics card out of the equation as far as results go. Unlike the results we found with Quake III Arena, this time the performance gain of the Extreme Edition 840 is more on par with the 3.20GHz Pentium 4 “Prescott” performance wise. This is again the case for both of the respective benchmarks.