Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 840

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First off, let’s examine the results obtained from SANDRA for Arithmetic ALU & FPU performance. As we can see from the results above, the Extreme Edition 840 with two cores and HT enabled hammer the other Intel solutions. The 6xx series still holds a fair performance lead over the 5xx series of processors, while both the 6xx and EE’s come in with similar results on a clock to clock ratio. When it comes to Arithmetic FPU performance, we find the same story as was seen in the ALU results.

When it comes to both Integer and Floating Multimedia results, we see a similar story. In these results, we again see the Extreme Edition 849 CPU holding a massive performance lead over the remaining Intel processors. The other P4 EE’s are seen holding a slight performance lead over the “Prescott 2” based 6xx processors. In turn, the 6xx series hold a minor performance lead over the 5xx series.

Finally, we have the Integer and Floating results obtained from the memory bandwidth benchmark. This is where we see the first glimpse of reality for the Pentium Extreme Edition 840. For memory bandwidth, this processor is seen bringing up the rear of the pack. When it comes to the Floating performance results, we see nothing different, with the 3.73GHz EE coming out well on top, as it should, and the Pentium Extreme Edition 840 pulling up the rear.