Intel Pentium D 820

..:: MBReview PriBench 1.04 ::..

PriBench is a system level benchmark, and relies solely on the performance of the arithmetic capabilities of the processor. Unlike many of today’s synthetic benchmarks which rely on other aspects such as hard drive speeds, etc. PriBench does not rely on any “exterior” devices for the tests. PriBench was coded in house and utilizes a computationally intensive algorithm to compute primes well into the 100’s of millions for the current version. The program is extremely precise as we have seen time fluctuations of around +/- .03 or so seconds. For this review, I chose to run the two most intensive tests available.

For PriBench Test One, we can see the tremendous advantage that the “Prescott” variant processors have over the “Northwood” core Extreme Edition CPU’s. Given that PriBench is currently a single threaded application, we see that the Extreme Edition 840 fares no better than a single core 3.20GHz “Prescott” core processor. The same can be said for the Pentium D 820 which ranged in around the competing single core processors. The high end Pentium 4 6xx and EE’s still hold the crown here for single threaded performance, as one would expect.

For PriBench Test Two, we again see similar results. The “Prescott” core processors all wipe the floor with the “Northwood” core Extreme Edition CPU’s. Yet again, we see the Extreme Edition 840 putting up numbers identical to its single core 3.20GHz “Prescott” counterpart, and the Pentium D 820 falling in the same category. If PriBench were a multi-threaded benchmark, we’d likely see a much larger performance boost than we see right now.


..:: AquaMark 3.0 ::..

To start off the gaming related synthetic benchmarks, we’re going to cover results that we attained from AquaMark 3.0. This is a gorgeous benchmark and can place some serious strain on any system. For our benchmarking purposes, we ran the default test at 1024 x 768 x 32 with no anti-aliasing or anisotropic filtering enabled. The results obtained through AquaMark’s Default benchmark show the same story we’ve seen so far. Since AquaMark 3.0 is only a single-threaded application, the Extreme Edition 840 fares no better than a 3.20GHz “Prescott” P4. The Pentium D 820 also fares slightly better than it’s 2.80GHz clocked single core counterpart, but can’t manage to reach much higher.