Intel Extreme Edition 955

..:: Cinebench 2003 ::..

Cinebench 2003 is a fairly new benchmark to our array that we’ll be using in future reviews. This is one of the few multi-threaded benchmarks available right now, given that it has CAD applications, an area where multi-processor setups have been common place for a long time. The Cinebench 2003 software is able to thoroughly stress the entire system, as well as offering support for Intel’s Hyper-Threading Technology. For our benchmarking purposes, we ran the timed xCPU raytracing benchmark.

Our results show that, for the multi-threaded benchmark, the Extreme Edition 955 again manages to hold a decent performance lead over the Extreme Edition 840, but again it amounts to not much more than the increase in clock speed over the 840. Both Extreme Edition processors blow the Pentium D away thanks to Hyper-Threading support, as well as some additional clock speed under their belts.


..:: SPECviewperf ::..

SPECviewperf really needs no introduction. This benchmark has been around utilizing several of versions of top CAD software. SPECviewperf can punish any system, and any graphics card thrown at it without blinking. This should serve as a good basis for our comparison of the Extreme Edition and Pentium D processors. To start off, we see the Extreme Edition showing gains of a little over 6% for the 3dsmax-02 benchmark. This is a little under the clock for clock increase between the 955 and 840, and is likely due to graphics weakness. The drv-09 benchmark shows us an excellent boost of 17% over the Extreme Edition 840, while it drops back down to a little over 9% for dx-08. The light-06 benchmark gives us nearly a 10% boost for the 955, proe-02 a little over 11%, and finally ugs-03 shows no difference. The ugs-03 test is one of the most intensive graphics benchmarks you can find, and it clearly crippled our 6800 GT.