Intel DP55KG / Core i5 750 / Core i7 870

..:: DP55KG Benchmarking Setup ::..

  • Intel DX58SO
  • Intel DP55KG
  • Intel Core i7 – 965 Extreme (LGA1366)
  • Intel Core i5-750, Core i7-870 (LGA1156)
  • 3GB DDR-III 1333MHz Crucial
  • 500GB Seagate RAID 0 Array
  • NVIDIA 8 Series – 8800 GT w/Latest Drivers
  • Windows 7 64-Bit

..:: SiSoft SANDRA ::..

Starting things off today, we’ll examine the performance of our Intel DP55KG against our DX58SO. The DP55KG will be tested with both the Core i5-750 and Core i7-870 to examine the performance not only of the board, but also of these new processors. As you would expect, when it comes to Arithmetic performance we see both i7’s destroying the i5. Given that these chips are equipped with Hyper-Threading, while the i5 is not, this is expected from SANDRA’s synthetic benchmarks. The i7 870 scales nicely against the i7 965 Extreme. This is again the case in the Multimedia benchmark, however this the the i5 doesn’t give up as much ground due to the lack of Hyper-Threading support.

In terms of the memory related performance measure, we see that the X58 platform easily bests the P55 given that the X58 support triple channel versus the P55’s dual channel. There is relatively little difference between the i5 750 and i7 870 on the P55 platform. The latency results also show us what we would expect. The 965 Extreme swoops in with the lowest latency, followed closely by the i7 870 and i5 750.

For multicore efficiency, the i7’s are both easily able to best the performance of the i5. Remember, the i5 has done away with the high speed QPI links between processor cores, and here it becomes very clear where that performance drop will arise. The latency numbers show that the i5 has an increased latency of nearly 400% over the i7 chips. This won’t be an issue for the i5 quad core chips, but much beyond this as QPI becomes a necessity. Hopefully with the next generation of processor we’ll see QPI become standard across all processor grades.

Finally, to round out the SANDRA benchmarks we have the Cryptography benchmark. This is a more realistic judge of real world performance than some of the other synthetic benchmarks in the SANDRA suite in my opinion. In this benchmark we see the i5 catching up to both i7’s. There is still a > 10% performance drop from the 965 Extreme to the i5 750, but again remember the i7 has both Hyper-Threading, as well as a substantial boost in memory bandwidth available to it. For the i7 870 which was also tested on the DP55KG, we see smaller performance boosts over the i5 750. Again, this is related to both core frequency and Hyper-Threading on the i7. Thus far, the P55 chipset has been able to show some real life against the more powerful X58. Let’s see if this continues.