Intel Core i7-980X

..:: Cinebench R11.5 x64 ::..

You may know that we have been using Cinebench as a processor performance measurement tool for several years now, and recently Maxon released a new version of the tool, version 11.5. This new version is capable of using all physical processors and multi-threading offered by modern processors. It also institutes a new method of rendering, and adds a more punishing render to the benchmark. Previously, we scored the processor in render time, however the new method provides a points system. As can be seen above, the i7-980X posts a significant gain over the i7-975. We found a roughly 53% boost in performance over the i7-975. This is thanks to the addition of two processor cores and the additional cache.

..:: Pov-Ray ::..

A more recent addition to our benchmarking suite is Pov-Ray. This provides an excellent judge of single core performance between processors, and we see that there is little gain to be had when moving between an i7-975 and i7-980X. The 980X only managed to render the images 2 seconds faster, a negligible difference. Remember, this is a single core benchmark, and with a single core running, both the i7-980X and i7-975 are kicking along at 3.6GHz. I would not expect to see the i7-980X post a big performance gain in such a case, unless the application can take advantage of the additional cache, which this does not.