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The A790GXM-AD3 is ECS’s first AM3 Socket motherboard. The integrated graphics platform is designed from AMD's 790GX chipset and powered by the ATI’s Radeon HD 3300 graphics core. One of the key selling points of all AM3 motherboards is their support for dual channel DDR3 1333 memory, and we are very interested to see how the extra bandwidth factors into the overall performance of this board.
2 TBreak
The A790GXM-AD3 is an AM3 Socket motherboard from ECS for AMD Phenom II processors supporting Dual Channel DDR3 1333 memory architecture. The integrated graphics platform is designed from the AMD 790GX chipset, powered by the ATI Radeon HD 3300 DirectX 10 based graphics core. The ATI Hybrid Graphics capability gives full ATI CrossFireX. The A790GXM-AD3 delivers advanced features such as HyperTransport 3.0 Technology, PCI Express® Generation 2.0, ATI PowerPlay, AMD Cool’n'Quiet 2.0 and Low Power Design bring the Green power effect into play.
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The ECS A790GXM-AD3 is an interesting product for a few reasons, and the main being that it is very much a no frills product. This is interesting because we are trying to work out if a no frills product has any business in the AM3 world. In fact, at this point we are still trying to decide if there is any point to the AM3 world at all.
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The ECS A790GXM-AD3, like its DDR2 kin, comes packaged in the standard "Black Series" black and green packaging. On the front of the box is the dragon mascot with the model number surrounded by tribal designs. There are some logos for the features that the motherboard supports. Flipping the box over there is a small picture of the board so you can get an idea of the layout prior to purchasing it. There are also some highlights on the main features the A790GXM-AD3 has, as well as logos for supported hardware.
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ECS continues with their Black Series of motherboards with the introduction of the ECS A790GXM-AD3 motherboard. The Black series boards that we have dealt with have seemed to have a quality build with great features and they are offered at a very reasonable price. Today’s market seems to find nearly everyone searching for a bargain, so this new motherboard from ECS may be just the hot deal you have been looking for... or is it?
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With a successful launch of Phenom II processors, AMD has now started to further improve their chip design and overall performance. Squeeze more performance out of them, reach higher clock-frequencies, yeah the truth is, it isn't looking so bad anymore, no sir. I think roughly half of the PCs in my office alone are Phenom II based computers. I like the price, and I certainly like the performance very much, plus they are very energy efficient with the AMD 790 chipset.
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"A790GXM-AD3 is the socket AM3 version from A790GXM-A, which we have already reviewed. It is an ATX-sized motherboard with on-board video based on AMD790GX chipset featuring two x16 PCI Express slots, HDMI output and other interesting features. Let's take a look on this motherboard. A790GXM-A, however, features a dedicated 128 MB on-board video memory in order to increase gaming performance (feature called "Side Port"), which is not present on A790GXM-AD3."