ECS X58B-A / X58B-A2

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1 Bjorn3D
ECS released this motherboard, attacking the budget builders out there, yet at the same time giving them some great overclocking room, a nice multi-GPU solution and an amazing bang for your buck value. Being the first motherboard on the market to support SLI and Crossfire, this motherboard is one of a kind. Let's go ahead and take a look at what ECS is really about.
2 Legit Reviews
Elitegroup Computer Systems, ECS for short, is primarily an OEM manufacturer so it's not well known to the enthusiast community. This is the second ECS board I've had my hands on and it is obvious that ECS is trying very hard to improve both their quality and their image. The last board, the ECS P45T-A, was an OEM board passed off as an enthusiast board. Just on opening the box though it was obvious ECS meant business.
3 PCShopTalk
For many years, ECS has been making complex design simple and simply designed products smart. The company engineered smart ideas into unique products while keeping the design simple. Its Simply Smart philosophy in design helped ECS won over 150 awards and recognitions worldwide. Today, the design philosophy has evolved, extended and become a part of the company's corporate culture. Generating smart ideas to simplify work for increasing productivity has become an everyday task at ECS.
4 FutureLooks
The ECS Black Series X58B-A offers many of the same features that other X58 motherboards offer. The important ones being the maximum 6.40GT/s QPI (Quick Path Interconnect), 24GB Triple Channel DDR3 1600 MHz overclocked memory, ATI Crossfire X support, dual Gigabit LAN ports, and standard integrated 8-Channel HD Audio.
5 Overclockers Club
The ECS X58B-A features a lot of flash on the front and back panels of the packaging, bringing the excitement level up a notch or two from the last ECS board I looked at, which was mainly white with little information. Prominently displayed on the front panel is the fact that ECS was the first to offer support for both SLI and Crossfire when it was first introduced. Features listed include all solid capacitors, CrossfireX , SLI, VRD11.1, triple channel memory and more.