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"Intel's DP67BG and the ECS P67H2-A Back Extreme. While ECS offers more features including Lucid's Hydra and support for up to three graphics cards, Intel decorated the DP67BG with a skull that blinks red when your harddrive is accessed. Our 30 page review introduces both motherboards including all chips and features, checks the performance with games and applications, validates the throughput of USB, SATA and PCIe."
3 Guru3D
"Today the turn goes to the folks from ECS who put out some serious kit on the market. ECS was also working on a few of these P67 motherboards and is making sure that both NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards work combined together. Yep, they are adding a Lucid Hydra chip like some of the competition is doing as well. Anyway, the offering tested today is the P67H2-A socket LGA 1155 motherboard which is powered by a 14-phase VRM."
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"ECS is trying to improve the image of their products by releasing high end "Black Extreme" series motherboards. The latest in the "Black Extreme" series is P67H2-A Black Extreme. Based around the Intel P67 series chipset code named "Sandy Bridge", the ECS P67H2-A Black Extreme supports the latest Intel second generation Core series processors."
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"ECS really listened to gamers and the enthusiast community when they designed the P67H2-A. Users wanted the ability to use GPUs from AMD and NVIDIA together so they wouldn't have to buy new graphics cards for SLI or CrossfireX so ECS added Hydra Core technology. We proved the Lucid Hydra chip performed brilliantly in 3DMark Vantage and I'm sure it will work well with supported games too. The black PCB combined with the black and silver heatsinks really make this board look edgy and impressive."
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"The ECS P67H2-A Black Extreme is a performance oriented ATX motherboard with a fantastic set of gaming and overclocking features, all set on a sleek black and grey PCB that'll make your expensive chassis proud. While the board does not officially support Crossfire/SLI, it can handle up to 3 videocards running in parallel thanks to an onboard Lucid HydraLogix 200 'LT24102' chip."