Soyo KT600 DRAGON Ultra PE - Page 8

..:: KT600 DRAGON Ultra Conclusion ::..

If our Soyo KT600 Dragon Ultra Platinum was the full retail product, we would have a very hard time recommending this motherboard to anyone because of the stability issues we had during testing. Random lockups, sluggish response time and even cold-boot failure plagued our pre-release sample. We hope that our findings we relayed back to Soyo are not present in the retail version, or users could be in for a rough ride.

The layout and design of the KT600 Platinum, in my opinion, is about as near perfect as I have ever worked with on K7 platform. With so many different integrated components, the Soyo engineers really did do a fantastic job. We do wish that the main ATX connector could be moved and totally replace the dip-switch though. Case modders will have a walk in the park for sure.

The KT600 Platinum defines the mark of a high-end motherboard with an impressive feature set list. The ?Box that accompanies the board is a great product that worked flawlessly, and is icing on the cake.

The BIOS for the KT600 Platinum is above average, yet falls short to the serious enthusiast. I am pleased to see that a selectable PCI divider is present when other motherboards based on the KT600 chipset do not have such a luxury. We hope that Soyo is hard at work to implement processor multiplier selections within the BIOS so we didn't have to open the case every time we wanted to change the multiplier.

Our KT600 Platinum showed that it's performance was on par with another KT600 based motherboard, but still fell slightly behind during testing. Future BIOS updates should improve performance as they are released, however. We would think by now that Soyo would have one for download on their website (besides the shipping 4AP1 revision), but as of the publishing date of this article, not one update is available.

We have decided not to rate the KT600 Platinum since our version Soyo shipped to us for testing is a pre-release sample. But I can honestly say that I think the KT600 Platinum is impressive, yet falls short to the serious enthusiast looking for a pure performance driven and overclocker friendly AMD platform that is loaded with features.