Soyo KT600 DRAGON Ultra PE - Page 6

..:: KT600 DRAGON Ultra System BIOS ::..

Within the Soyo Combo Feature menu is where you can change the frequency and voltages of certain components if you plan on overclocking. Unfortunately, if you change the FSB frequency, you will inadvertently affect the PCI/AGP clocks. Not being able to lock the PCI/AGP clocks is the unfortunate limitation found on all VIA chipset K7 based motherboards and not just the Soyo KT600 Platinum. However, I am glad to see that Soyo has included a PCI divider. For example, if you have a 333MHz FSB processor and you know that it can reach a 400MHz FSB, all you have to do is change the FSB, then change the PCI divider from 5 to 6 to keep the other components in your system within normal specifications.

The processor's FSB options are available up to 511MHz, which is the equivalent of a 1022MHz DDR FSB. If you ever reach such an insane FSB on an AMD platform, please send us a resumé. :) The cpu voltage is available up to 1.85 volts and the memory and AGP voltages are available up to 2.8v and 1.8v respectively.

In the Advanced Tune-up Settings submenu, there are numerous settings for you to tweak the installed memory, as well as a couple of options for the AGP video card. Although we did not use the actual settings in the above image, these are the fastest timings the KT600 Platinum can offer.

The PC Health Status menu is where you can monitor voltages, temperatures and fan speeds within your system. You can also enable, disable or change the default value of Soyo's Anti-Burn Regulator so that your processor doesn't get fried if something happens in your system that isn't suppose to happen.

Notice the huge amount of extra voltage being supplied to the DDR memory. This screen capture was taken when the BIOS was configured at default values. Hopefully this abnormal setting can be fixed in a future BIOS update.

All of the other menu options within the KT600 Platinum's BIOS are usual settings. One option that you won't find in the BIOS is the ability to enable or disable the integrated gigabit ethernet controller. We even got a beta BIOS update directly from Soyo for testing, and we are still wondering why the option is still not there.

..:: KT600 DRAGON Ultra Overclocking ::..

Since our KT600 Platinum is a pre-release sample, we strongly believe that our overclocking results will not reflect what a user will encounter with the shipping retail version. Therefore we are going to refrain from publishing our overclocking results at this time.