Soyo KT600 DRAGON Ultra PE - Page 4

..:: KT600 DRAGON Ultra Layout Continued ::..

To the left of the 8X AGP Pro slot on the KT600 Platinum is the CMI 8738 6-channel audio chip. The additional audio connectors are in this area as well for you to use all of the 6 available channels the audio chip is capable of. To the left of the third PCI slot, we will find the iTE 8705F Super I/O chip which controls the input and output of data communication of certain ports located on the KT600 Platinum.

Immediately underneath the I/O chip is a removable BIOS chip. Although I have never killed a motherboard with a bad flash (knock on wood), having a removable BIOS chip will come in very handy rather than a chip which is soldered directly onto the motherboard itself.

Below the last PCI slot (from left to right) there is a smart card reader connector for use with the ?Box, a game/midi connector, an infrared connector and a green colored USB 2.0 connector for two additional USB ports.

You can see in the image above that the southbridge area is littered with chips and connectors, but Soyo does a great job with the KT600 Platinum layout here. Between the second and third PCI slot is another green USB 2.0 connector. To the right of it sits the VIA VT8237 southbridge chip. It is passively cooled with an aluminum heatsink and utilizes the two SATA connectors closet to the VT8237 chip, while the other two are reserved for the Silicon Image Sil3112A RAID chip. Underneath the battery, we will come across the VIA VT6306 chip, allowing you to connect a single firewire port to each of the two red connectors.

It may be hard to see, but if you look to the bottom left hand corner in the picture, you will find the clear CMOS jumper with the accompanying LED. Near the right hand corner of the KT600 Platinum are the front panel connectors where you will connect the power switch, reset switch and LEDs to the appropriate pins. To the right of the Silicon Image chip is a floppy connector, while two case fan headers are located just above the connector.