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..:: FIC K8-800T Conclusion ::..

Stability is the most important key for a motherboard to become useful and successful, because what good is a PC if a component is crashing all the time? Well, when the FIC K8-800T was the next motherboard in line to get a round of MBR torture, the board just laughed and laughed. We applied our royal smackdown, yet the FIC K8-800T refused to give in and stood its' ground the entire time.

The overall design and layout of the K8-800T is pretty good. However, the placement and position of the floppy and IDE connectors does raise an eyebrow or two, because the cables that are required could possibly cross over each another and block airflow, or not even reach the installed device to which each cable must connect.

The BIOS is the most disappointing aspect of the FIC K8-800T motherboard. Even though most low end boards are not designed for the enthusiast crowd, not being able to tweak one single memory timing leaves me with a feeling of emptiness inside. The decision to exclude such options might be for compatibility and stability reasons, since some white box and OEM vendors tend to use cheaper types of memory modules in their machines, but it would be nice to see FIC include these options, as well as a few others in a future BIOS update.

The addition to include these timings in the BIOS should also boost the performance of the K8-800T to levels of other motherboards based on the same chipset. In the benchmarks the K8-800T showed that it was a strong performer, but it also showed that it was the weakest solution with the VIA K8T800 chipset.

Our overclocking results with the FIC K8-800T on the test bench was surprising. The board amazingly came very close to reaching overclocking levels of the Abit KV8-MAX3, but then again, the K8-800T could only accomplish this feat with the slower memory timings.

When it all comes down to the end, MBReview is proud to put the FIC K8-800T motherboard on our recommended list. While the motherboard is not equipped with the latest and greatest cutting edge technologies and features, the K8-800T does provide a solid platform with 64-bit compatibilities at a low price.

Last but not least, I would like to thank FIC for sending us the K8-800T motherboard to make this review possible, and a big thank you to everyone who has read the review in full!

- Stability: 20/20
- Design: 17/20
- Features: 14/20
- BIOS: 6/10
- Overclocking: 7/10
- Performance: 16/20
Total: 80/100 Points - Average