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..:: FIC K8-800T Layout ::..

The FIC K8-800T is based on the industry standard ATX form factor. With a traditional green colored PCB, the overall appearance of the motherboard has been enhanced with various colored expansion slots, headers and connectors. The color theme is very pleasing to the eye, but the colors will also help users locate and dictate the different types of connections with ease.

The processor socket area on the FIC K8-800T has a lot of room for a user to work with. The cpu fan header is located off of the right hand corner of the processor socket, in-between the first memory slot and a motherboard mounting hole at the top edge of the board. The 12v power supply connector resides in the processor socket area as well, located behind the I/O back panel and near the top portion of the power supply circuitry.

Directly below the processor socket is the VIA K8T800 northbridge chip, passively cooled with a black colored aluminum heatsink. The heatsink is mounted to the northbridge with a plastic plug for each of the two holes that surrounds the chip. It was rather easy to remove the plugs from the underside of the motherboard, but the thermal adhesive pad FIC used has a very tight grip, so be careful not to damage any of the capacitors that surrounds the chip if you decide to replace the heatsink with a more elaborate cooing device. An unused three pin fan header sits to the very left of the VIA K8T800 chip for you to use as well.

Within the expansion slot area, there are three main chips that control certain features on the FIC K8-800T. One of these chips sits to the very left of the purple AGP slot, and this is the Realtek 8100C ethernet controller to provide up to a 100Mbps connection for networking. The other large chip is the VIA VT6307L, which is located to the immediate left of the forth PCI slot, and it supports two firewire ports. Each firewire port will be connected to one of the light blue colored port headers, as both are located directly under the corner of the fifth PCI slot. Between these two embedded chips, and next to the second PCI slot, is the smaller Realtek ALC655 chip. This chip will provide a 6-channel audio solution. All of the associated audio connectors and headers are also present here, with each connection type staggered to the left of the first, second and third PCI slots.

Moving back on up to the memory area reveals that there are a total of three DDR slots on the K8-800T, but if you wish to use PC3200, only the first two will be useful. The main ATX connector is also located in this area, while the primary IDE connector is unusually placed beneath the memory slots. This location and position is very odd and could turn out to be problematic, as this cable will need to cross over the cables coming from the secondary IDE connector and floppy connector in the southbridge area, obstructing proper circulation of airflow. Our last stop with the design of the FIC K8-800T is the I/O back panel. In a rather typical layout, the panel consists of two PS/2 ports, two serial, one parallel, three audio, one 10/100 port, and finally four USB 2.0 ports.